Wieczorek bakery is a family bakery that has been operating on the Silesian market for almost 30 years . We offer the highest quality bread. We deliver fresh bread, buns, donuts, buns and many other products to our customers in Zabrze and Gliwice right to the door. Our products are made using the traditional method, without any artificial dyes and additives. We produce natural bread based on natural leaven according to a long-standing recipe. In addition, baking takes place in a traditional ceramic oven .

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For many years, Piekarnia Wieczorek was located at 4 Cieszyńska Street in Zabrze, which is why some of our customers use the name Cieszynka / Chleb z Cieszyńska for us . In 2013, we moved to 14 Sejmowa Street in Makoszowy, where we also run a small company shop.

Meeting your expectations and trying to cope with the changes taking place in the economic environment

from April 2020, a department responsible for the delivery of bread directly to your door was launched, we invite you to shop online :)

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