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Piekarnia Zabrze


30 years


We have what you need


Piekarnia Zabrze


A craft bakery from Zabrze which produces bread using traditional methods. Baking takes place in a ceramic oven. Natural products and rye leaven, produced for 30 years, ensure a unique taste of the products.


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Natural bread baked daily, traditional cakes  and regional products such as home-made cold cuts from Ruda Śląska, eggs from organic farming, Silesian oblates, the best ice cream in the season.  


Our philosophy is fresh, local products. The vast majority of the assortment comes from our Silesian surroundings. 

Piekarnia Zabrze
Piekarnia Zabrze

In short, your bakery sourdough country bread is EXCELLENT.

I have been buying it from you for over a year, and in the time of a pandemic, I use the purchase with home delivery twice a week.

I don't buy bread elsewhere anymore. My first purchase was recommended to me by a friend and although I didn't really want to believe him, I understood from the very first slice that it is unique.


It looks ordinary, but its properties are perfect.

Fresh, yet crunchy, it is delicious.


I highly recommend your bread to everyone!

It is worth trying at least once.

- Joanna, Customer

Piekarnia Zabrze

Tasty bread delivered to your door. The buns and donuts are also delicious.

We will recommend it among friends for sure

- Grażyna, Client

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